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This Application is for consideration to be a participant in a company and talent search contest, provisionally entitled ‘GoGlobal Challenge’ which is being promoted, produced and hosted by Takeout Media Limited. By submitting an Application you hereby confirm that you satisfy the Eligibility Criteria and that you accept and agree to the following Application Terms and Conditions.

The following definitions shall apply to the Application Terms and Conditions:-

Affiliates” shall mean collectively the Promoter, its third-party partners, licensees, parent company, subsidiary companies, or any of their respective parent, subsidiary, affiliated or related entities.

“Applicant/You” shall mean a business entity or company which is an SME, including its designated Sponsored Personnel, applying to the Contest.

“Application” shall mean an application to participate in the Contest within the Program.

“Contest” shall mean the talent competition within the Program, consisting of the Selection Stages and the Participation Stages as more particularly set out below.

“Eligibility Criteria” shall mean the criteria which Applicants must satisfy in order to enter the Contest and which form part of the Application Terms and Conditions.

“Participant” shall mean an Applicant along with its Sponsored Personnel, that is selected by the Promoter for one (1) or more of the Participation Stages of the Contest.

“Prize” will be a marketing contract worth $10,000 in value signed with Promoter or Promoter’s designated affiliate company, comprising certain services to be delivered by the Promoter to the winning Participant.

Program” shall mean a series of Contests developed, produced and hosted by the Promoter and provisionally entitled “GoGlobalChallenge”, together with all spin-offs and/or Program-related content created for exploitation in any and all media.

Promoter/We/Us” shall mean Takeout Media Limited.

“Release Contract” shall mean the Participant Consent and Release Contract entered into by the Participant with the Promoter, releasing the Promoter from all liabilities and granting the Promoter certain rights pertaining to the Participant’s involvement in the Program, and further rights to enter into certain contracts with the Participant pertaining to Participant’s business.

“Sponsored Personnel” shall mean an individual representative or representatives of the Participant, as the case may be, which shall be an employee or officer of the Participant for the purpose of participating in the Contest and the Program.


The Program format is that of a Contest that will consist of the interview and audition stages (“Selection Stages”) and the Participation Stages.


Selection Stages

The Selection Stages shall consist of:-

Application Process: The process by which Participants desirous of taking part in the Contest can apply to participate therein. Details on how to apply are set out at: [].

Auditions: Applicants will submit audition videos on the Promoter’s stipulated platforms.

Second Auditions: The Promoter may select certain Applicants to attend a Second Audition, following which a final decision will be made as to which Applicants will be selected for the Participation Stages.

Auditions and Second Auditions are collectively herein referred to as ‘Auditions’.

Participation Stages

The Participation Stages shall consist of:-

The Business Pitch Challenge, The Marketplace Challenge, and Live Finals (the “Challenges”).

Each of the Participants selected for the Challenges will be required to enter a Release Contract as a condition precedent of taking part in the next stage of the Contest and continuing in the Program.

The Promoter has the right at any time, in its absolute discretion, to change, extend, cancel or curtail the Application process or any subsequent stage of the Contest, including without limitation the structure, content, rules, dates or locations thereof, as it sees fit.

The winner of the Contest will amongst others be a participant at the “TM Con Conference” which will take place in October 2022, or at such time and place as the Promoter may so designate.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. SME Status: In order to apply for the Contest, you must be a Nigerian company or business entity, established between the year 2012 and 2022. You must be in active operation, evidenced by the production of your annual returns filing for the last 3 financial year prior to the date of Your application. You must be qualified as an SME based on the definition of the Bank of Industry or the SMEDAN. In the aggregate, Your total asset value and sales volume / turnover must not exceed N500,000,000.00 as of 15 July 2022, while Your total number of employees (both part-time and full employees) must not exceed 200 as of 15 July 2022. All Applicants who meet the foregoing requirement are welcome and encouraged to apply. The Promoter has the right at any stage to check the validity of any document or information submitted by an Applicant in connection with admission onto the Program. Should any Applicant/ Participant fail to produce satisfactory evidence of eligibility or be found to have produced any evidence which is faked or invalidly procured, the Promoter may in its absolute discretion refuse the Applicant entry into the Audition or at any time disqualify the Applicant/Participant from the Contest.
  2. Domicile: The Sponsored Personnel(s) put forward by an Applicant / Participant must have the right to live and work in Nigeria and be able to demonstrate that they have this right on request by the Promoter at any time and You agree to notify the Promoter immediately of any change in such status or entitlements.
  3. Impropriety: You may not be eligible to enter the Contest if You or any of Your Sponsored Personnel are/is (i) an employee of any of Affiliates; or (ii) substantively involved with the development, production, distribution or other exploitation of the Program or the Contest and such connection (as set out in sub-clauses (i) - (ii) above), would in the opinion of the Promoter, in its absolute discretion, create the appearance of impropriety or unfair advantage with regard to the Contest. You are obliged to disclose any such connections in the Eligibility Questionnaire (see Clause 16 below).
  4. Contractual Arrangements: You must be able to demonstrate that from the time you are selected as a Participant in the Contest You are not bound by or subject to any type of contract which would prevent you from fully participating in the Program or from entering into the relevant marketing services, consulting and brand management contracts with the Promoter or its Affiliates (the “Contracts”) and that no such contract will come into force during Your participation in the Contest and/or Program. You will be asked as part of the Application process to make a full disclosure of the existence of all contractual arrangements relating to Your business which are or will be material to Your participation in the Program, which You have previously entered into or may come into force on or at any point after the date of Application. The existence of any such contractual arrangement shall not necessarily preclude Your participation in the Program. However, the Promoter reserves the right in full and following proper consultation to refuse entry into or disqualify any Applicant from the Contest, if the Promoter determines in its absolute discretion that any such contractual arrangement might prevent the Applicant from participating in the Program or entering into the Contracts.
  5. Legal Compliance and Criminal Record: When requested by the Promoter, You must disclose details of any government or regulatory sanctions, fines, penalties, claims, and/or criminal convictions and/or unspent convictions (“Liabilities”). If selected as a Participant in the Program, You shall notify the Promoter immediately if there are any Liabilities or charges which have been brought or are threatened to be brought against You on or after the date of Your Application. All Applicants who are selected for the Participation Stage of the Contest may also be subject to the appropriate background checks.
  6. Ability to Travel/ Expenses: If as a result of Your Application You are selected as a Participant in the Contest, You must ensure that Your Sponsored Personnel is willing and able to travel at Your own expense to any location within Nigeria where the relevant stage of the Contest is taking place as notified to You by the Promoter. You will be notified of the locations for each stage of the Contest as soon as reasonably practicable. You will be responsible for paying all expenses relating to the Auditions, including without limitation travel, subsistence and accommodation for Your Sponsored Personnel. If you are selected as a Participant in any of the Participation Stages, pre-approved economy travel and accommodation will provided and paid for by the Promoter. You will be responsible for all other expenses related to the Participation Stages. The Promoter reserves the right to change the date and location of any stage of the Contest at its discretion, but will endeavour to inform you of any such change as soon as reasonably practicable. At all stages of the Program, and unless otherwise specified, You will be responsible for providing and paying for Your collaterals, kits and brand assets, and any producing any other materials necessary to effect the Contracts.
  7. Changes: The Eligibility Criteria may be amended, revised or changed at any time and in any fashion in the Promoter’s sole discretion.
Other Terms & Conditions
  1. Process: Applications can be made online at (“the Website”). Applicants can use the Website to access information relating to the Auditions. Applicants who successfully complete the Application process, will receive an invitation to an Audition. If for any reason having submitted your Application, You do not receive an invitation to an Audition, or if you are experiencing a problem with uploading your Application, please contact [EMAIL ADDRESS]. Whilst We intend to ensure the Application process works as efficiently as possible, We do not accept any liability for any failure to receive or process Your Application or to invite Applicants to an Audition.
  2. Purpose: You agree to use the Website only in accordance with the purpose and instructions set out on the Website and You may not, and You may not assist anyone to, or attempt to, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, adapt, modify, copy, reproduce, lend, hire, rent, perform, sub-license, make available to the public, create derivative works from, broadcast, distribute, commercially exploit or transmit the Website including without limitation your Application or any other information or material submitted by You or any other Applicant via the Website. In addition, you agree not to disrupt or try to disrupt the Website or to use the Website to distribute viruses or other harmful programs, or to use the Website to engage in harmful, harassing or otherwise objectionable activity, including activity inhibiting access to the Website by others.
  3. Application Close Date: The Promoter reserves the right to suspend the Application process at any time, but in any event Applications made with reference to Auditions will close by midnight on Midnight on 12th August 2022 (“Close Date”). Any Applications not received by the Close Date for this year may be considered for the next year and/or as reserves. Whilst We will make every effort to ensure that all Applicants receive an invitation to attend an Audition, We do not guarantee that every Applicant will receive such an invitation or an audition or participate in the Program and/or Contest.
  4. Service: The Application function on the Website and any related service (collectively “the Service”) is provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. We do not guarantee that the Service will operate efficiently or be free from errors or omissions nor that it will be available uninterrupted and in a fully operating condition. The Service may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons reasonably beyond our control. We will not be liable to You or to any other entity or person in the event that all or any part of the Service is suspended, discontinued, modified or changed in any way.
  5. Copyright: All copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in the Website are vested in the Promoter or its licensees. Nothing set out in these terms and conditions shall be construed as granting any licence of any copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property to You or any third party. By uploading your Application, You grant to the Promoter and its licensees permission to use, edit and modify the information in the Application, subject to Clause 20 below, for the purpose of processing your Application.
  6. Liability: You are solely responsible for paying all expenses you may incur when you access or use the Website including without limitation your internet or data service provider charges and any excess charges to that provider if you have a limit on the amount of data you can download together with all costs of the equipment and facilities you need to connect to and use the Website. The Promoter is not responsible if Your own equipment or software is not compatible with the Website. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Promoter does not accept any liability for:
  7. any damage to Your computer or software or for any loss of data that results from Your use of the Website;
  8. any technical failure, malfunction, suspension and/or any termination of the Service or Website which may result in any Application not being properly received or recorded or any alleged loss of opportunity or future earnings which might result therefrom;
  9. any claims brought against You by a third party; and/or
  10. any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage arising from your Application, the use of the Service and/ or the Website, including, without limitation loss of profits, loss of data, loss of anticipated earnings and loss of contract, however caused.
  11. Promoter’s Decision: The Promoter shall have the right to refuse entry into the Auditions or disqualify any Applicant/Participant who in their absolute discretion fails to satisfy any of the Eligibility Criteria or is otherwise in breach of these Application Terms and Conditions. The decision as to which Applicants will be selected and/ or invited to attend any stage of the Contest (and the time and location of any stage of the Contest, including without limitation the Auditions and Second) shall be in the sole discretion of the Promoter whose decision in all matters relating to the Contest will be final and binding. The Promoter reserves the right at any point after an Application has been received to remove or disqualify an Applicant/ Participant at its discretion from the Contest.
  12. Release Forms / Eligibility Questionnaire: In the event that You attend any Audition, You will be required to sign a release form (“the Release Form”), whereby You will grant all consents necessary for the Promoter to film and record such audition and to use recordings featuring the image and/or voice of each Your Sponsored Personnel in connection with the Program and/or ancillary rights in the Program and to exploit the same in all media throughout the world in perpetuity without the need for payment to You. A Release Form will be sent to You when We invite You to attend any Audition. When You are invited to an Audition, You and each of Your Sponsored Personnel will also receive an Eligibility Questionnaire and certain other information relating to Your attendance at the Audition (“Additional Information”). You and each of Your Sponsored Personnel must read through the Release Form, Questionnaire and Additional Information before You attend the Audition, and ensure that You and each of Your Sponsored Personnel understand the content of any documents You are required to complete/ sign, before completing/ signing them. You hereby acknowledge that You understand terms and conditions of the Release Form and the style, nature and format of the Program and that We reserve the right to exploit all Auditions whether successful or unsuccessful in any and all media. Applicants attending any Audition are requested to print off, complete and sign Release Form and the Questionnaire and submit these to the Promoter at the Audition.
  13. Truthful Information: You hereby warrant in submitting your Application that you have read, understand and satisfy the Eligibility Criteria and that all details and/or information given as part of the Application process (whether in the Application, Release Forms, the Eligibility Questionnaire and/ or otherwise) are truthful, accurate and in no way misleading and the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify You if You have supplied untruthful, inaccurate or misleading details and/or information, have failed to abide by the Eligibility Criteria or Rules and/or are in breach of any of the terms hereof.
  14. Confidentiality: You will not without the Promoter’s prior written consent disclose or publish in any medium whatsoever (including without limitation on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites) or discuss with any third party any information which may come to your attention relating to the Program, the Promoter, the production team, or any Participants in the Program, or your Application or potential involvement in the Program, other than the fact of your Application or where such information is already in the public domain.
  15. Data Protection: We operate a data protection policy and will carry out our obligations in this respect. The information You provide on the Application, the Release Forms, the Questionnaire and/or otherwise as part of the Application procedure will be used by the Promoter to assess whether or not to select You as a Participant the Program. If You are successful, any of this information which is not of a sensitive nature may be used in connection with the production and promotion of the Program. By submitting this Application, You consent to any information you provide, including without limitation any sensitive business information or the personal information of a Sponsored Personnel, being used for these purposes. We may use the information You provide to verify identity and to carry out background checks with law enforcement and government agencies. We may share Your information with Affiliates as part of the selection process and in connection with the production and promotion of the Program. If You have any questions regarding our use of Your business and/or the personal information of a Sponsored Personnel, or if You would like to update Your information because Your details or those of Your Sponsored Personnel have changed, please contact

20. Changes: The Application Terms and Conditions may be amended, revised or changed at any time and in any fashion in the Promoter’s sole discretion.

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