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Volunteer at tm con

Join Our Tribe

Amplify your impact and forge invaluable connections at TM CON 2024. Through innovative experiences, bespoke solutions, and thought leadership opportunities, we’re paving the way for meaningful collaborations. Connect with our dedicated team today to explore the myriad of partnership opportunities waiting for you. The stage is set for innovation—are you ready to step into the spotlight?

Why Volunteer with TM CON?

Empower and Be Empowered

As a volunteer, you play a crucial role in the success of TM CON. You’ll have the opportunity to empower African creators while gaining practical experience that you can apply to your life and work

Behind The Scenes

Get an insider’s look at how large-scale conferences are run. You’ll see the nitty gritties of event planning, execution, and the hard work that goes into creating a successful conference


Networking Opportunities

Connect with leaders, innovators, and like-minded volunteers who share your passion. TM CON is the perfect place to expand your network, meet industry professionals, and make lasting friendships


Skill Development

Enhance your skills and gain valuable experience in event management, speaker management, people management, content & publicity, leadership, and teamwork. Our diverse roles offer a unique chance to learn from the best and add significant value to your personal and professional growth

Make waves with us at TM CON!

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